Agricultural Landscape Consulting and Design Services

Evan Ryan is a permaculture designer, farmer, project manager and educator on Maui since 2000.

Evan has focused on bringing permaculture systems to production agriculture, specializing in offering support to clients interested in designing towards growing food based systems, primarily orchards, gardens, animal systems or a combination of the three.

Evan’s design work includes incorporating all facets into an overall site including:

  • Access– roads, trails, utility considerations
  • Buildings– homes, sheds, barns, ag spaces, etc.
  • Forestry– orchards, windbreaks, natives, privacy plantings, canopy trees
  • Soils– Assessment, mineralization, fertility plans
  • Water– Storage (ponds, cisterns), water harvesting, reticulation
  • Fencing
  • Economy– Analysis, Strategy, Value Chain

Please contact us for more information on Consulting and Design services. We will usually get back to you within 48 hours.

Educational Classes and Workshops

Please contact us for information on group classes and workshops catered to your needs.

Farm and Garden Tours

Evan Ryan offers educational tours of Pono Grown Farm. The cost is $25 per person, $100 minimum. Large group pricing available.  Tours last around 1.5 hours and are available by appointment only. Contact us to schedule one today!