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Nature Connection

Our program is designed to weave the skills of nature connection into fun daily activities such as scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, craft projects, gentle gardening, experiential learning games, exercises to engage our senses, direct observation, on-farm hikes, mindfulness moments, water play, stories, and music time with songs to express our gratitude.    

The outdoor “classroom” provides countless teachable moments of wonder and connection in the natural word.  Each week centers on a different nature theme, which gives focus to the books we read as well as the activities and projects we do.   

Camp days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
from 9 am – 3 pm.   

Space is limited by our small group size as we have at least one counselor for every eight campers.  

Camp pricing varies based on the number of weeks enrolled, and is outlined below.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your space in each week of camp.

Sign up for one week or all eight!  Either way, the kids will have a blast, learn a lot about themselves, and connect more deeply to the natural world too!

Sample Daily Schedule

Week’s Theme: SEEDS

9 am    Sign-in and Gathering Game

9:15     Opening Circle & Welcome Song

9:30     Music Time                                                

9:45     Snack & bathroom break

10 am  Hike to Gnome Tree 

10:15  Sensory Awareness Game

10:45  A Seed’s Journey Obstacle Course

11:30  Lunchtime

11:45  Chillaxation & bathroom break

12 pm Storytime: Miss Maple’s Seeds 

12:30 pm   Seed Discovery Lab

1:15    Seed Processing for Seed Paper

1:45    bathroom break

2 pm  Snack time

2:15   Seed Sprouting Dance

2:30  Expanding Senses Exercise

2:45  Closing Circle & Farewell Song

3 pm Sign Out/Departure Time 

2022 Camp Staff

All our staff have passed extensive background checks and have experience working with young children.  Our lead counselors are are certified in CPR and first aid.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Lead Counselor June 7 - July 15

Environmental educator, artist and avid gardener, Lauren is passionate about sustainability and the restorative powers of nature connection.  When not at Pono Grown, she is the School Garden Coordinator at Haiku Elementary. 

Jasmine Wray

Jasmine Wray

Assistant Counselor June 7 - July 15 and Lead Counselor July 19 - 29

Biology and Environmental Science grad from Texas who loves yoga, cycling, hiking and kayaking.  Jasmine fell in love with nature and the value of  sustainable living while spending a year on Kauai. She is currently enrolled in UH’s Master Gardener training program, and works as the School Garden Coordinator at Wailuku Elementary.


Lacey Abercrombie

Lacey Abercrombie

Assistant Counselor July 19 - 29

Girl Scout,  figure skater and kids coach with a love of all things outdoors. With a degree in International Studies, Lacey worked for a refugee resettlement agency in St. Louis before moving to Maui four years ago with her husband.  She’s passionate about sustainability and puts that to good use as School Garden Coordinator at Pōmaika’i Elementary.


Danielle Ryan

Danielle Ryan

Camp Coordinator

Long-time Maui resident, mother, wellness advocate, Ayurvedic counselor, and N.O.L.S. trained outdoor educator with 18 years of experience creating and leading nature-based camps and adventures for adults, kids, and teens.


Counselors In Training

Counselors In Training

As needed throughout summer

Pono Grown Farm and Nature Camp creates opportunities for teens to practice their leadership skills by joining us in junior counselor positions throughout the summer as needed depending on weekly group size of campers.


Farm & Nature

Farm & Nature

Mentor and Teacher year round

Bringer of wonder and a multitude of teachable moments each day, nature is our source of inspiration, while the 15 acre farm is a perfect venue for our outdoor camp. 

2022 Camp Dates 

Week 1:  June 7 – 10   CREATIVE CREATURES (FULL!)

Week 2:  June 14 – 17   WE LOVE PLANTS (FULL!) 

Week 3:  June 21 – 24   ALL THINGS WATER (FULL!) 

Week 4:  June 28 – July 1   GROW YOUR OWN (FULL!)

Week 5:  July 5 – 8   OCEAN AWARE

Week 6:  July 12 – 15   CONNECTED IN NATURE (FULL!)

Week 7:  July 19 – 22   BLOOM & SHINE (FULL!)

 Week 8:  July 26 – 29   ELEMENTAL CELEBRATION (FULL!)


2022 Camp Pricing

all 8 weeks

all 8 weeks


4 weeks

4 weeks


7 weeks

7 weeks


3 weeks

3 weeks


6 weeks

6 weeks


2 weeks

2 weeks


5 weeks

5 weeks


1 week

1 week


Why Choose Us?

Skilled Staff






All Outdoors




Terms & Conditions


Pono Grown Farm & Nature Camp is an OUTDOOR camp, so please have children arrive well fed, sun-protected, and ready to play outside.  Two dedicated shade structures will serve as our camp’s home base, and we will play and explore in all types of weather.


REFUNDS & CANCELATIONS A $100 deposit is required to hold each camper’s space PER WEEK of camp.  This deposit is non-refundable.  The remaining balance is due two weeks before your camper’s first day of camp.  In situations where we feel a child has social or emotional needs beyond our capacity, we may need to withdraw the child from camp, and in these rare cases a partial refund may be issued at our discretion for the remainder of the program. 


ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE Please honor the group by arriving and picking up on time.  Waiting for late arrivals and/or departures limits the mobility of the group, and affects everyone.  Camp begins at 9 am and ends at 3 pm.  We do not offer extended hours.  Late pickups are subject to a fee of $10 for every 10 minutes past pickup time.   Drive slowly in the parking lot, and park mindfully so that there is plenty of space for other cars.  The camp director will sign your child(ren) in at drop off each morning, and a counselor will sign them out each afternoon at pick up. Place their gear in their designated spot on the base camp shelf, and make sure they know/recognize which bag(s) are theirs.  We are often off adventuring on the farm, and are not always at base camp, so coordinating arrivals and departures at alternate times can be tricky.  Please inform counselors ahead of time if you ever plan to drop off late or pick up your child early.  If not, you may be on a wild goose chase to find them among the 15-acres! 


FOOD & WATER  Please pack a nutritious lunch for your child each day along with two snacks.  Also send your child with a full water bottle each morning.  Water will be available for refills as needed, but having it full to start each day saves us time and energy with the group. 


SUN & RAIN The children will be outdoors a good portion of each day, so please dress them appropriately, and apply sunscreen BEFORE camp.  Counselors can assist in reapplying (especially for full day campers) but only if you send the sunscreen of your choice labeled with your child’s first name. We will also be wearing hats while in the sun, so be sure to send one, and prep your camper for hat wearing!  We hope at some point to have some rain, so even if you don’t think it will rain, send a raincoat for your child as we will venture out in all weather. 


 ILLNESS   If children show any signs of illness, please keep them at home (persistent cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, yellow or green snot, fever).  If children present any of these symptoms during camp, you will be contacted to pick them up immediately.  We do not have the capacity to care for sick children at camp. 


SAFETY  To maintain a safe environment, children must be able to follow safety rules that include but are not limited to the following: (1) Stay with the group, (2) Listen to directions, (3) Play only within designated camp areas, and (4) Use kind words and gentle hands with others
.  Our lead counselors are currently certified in CPR and First Aid, they have been screened with extensive background checks through SterlingNOW, and have your children’s safety as their first priority.  If children are repeatedly unable to adhere to the safety agreements, you will be contacted to pick up your child.


WHAT TO BRING & WHATNOT  Once registered, you will receive a packing list.  Please make sure campers have all items on the list with them each day.  Don’t send your child to camp with toys, devices, or other treasures.  We cannot be responsible for keeping these valuables clean or safe in our outdoor setting. Mahalo!




















































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